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Shop Local on OutpostLE About

We believe in the power of the community and our local economy economy... OutpostLE, Your E-Commerce Marketplace. 

OutpostLE is a unique twist on today's local e-commerce, local shopping, and local service experiences. Our offering of a "LOCAL" marketplace shopping and service experience is one that is tailored to all local small businesses, retail, strategic service providers, and customers.  OutpostLE' s approach ensures businesses have an online presence promoting their brand in a way that the community can rely on.

In today's economy and with world events that seem to always add challenges to both small businesses and customers, our primary focus is to deliver a world-class experience with a hometown feel right in your community.

Small Businesses

Do you have a website today? Do you feel like your website drives enough local traffic to your business? Do you want to give those customers who may not be able to shop in person a shopping experience that feels personal to them? Do you want to showcase your local service that the community doesn’t exactly “shop” but needs, or may want? No matter your answers to these questions OutpostLE will ensure your business is being seen and shopped by your local community and even those that live outside the community. 

As a small business, you will have two options depending on your needs and where your current online and e-commerce footprint falls.

  1. If you are in need of building out your e-commerce footprint or want a change, you will have the ability to create your very own online storefront for your service, or to sell your products and participate in a community marketplace. 
  2. If you feel your online presence is already established, this service can be leveraged to enhance awareness to the community of your products and services by showcasing and linking your current site from the marketplace.Shop Local on OutpostLE Who Are We

OutpostLE offers the flexibility to service your needs as a local small business ensuring your customers know who you are, where to find you, and how to buy your products and/or services. Your custom store will include a full range of e-commerce offerings that include inventory management, products by category, sale items, trending items, and payment options, as well as an "about us" and "contact us" page...all tailored to your business. Your ability to market your business does not stop with just your own store. In addition to the above features, small businesses will also have the ability to showcase your items of choice on the "Home Page" of OutpostLE

Our goal in servicing the local small business community is to ensure you are always in a position to sell your products and/or services to those who know you, as well as those who have yet to experience your brand and products. Regardless of each customer's shopping style and preferences and/or the current world and market events you can ensure your presence is felt and your ability to service the community can be met. 

Retail Customers

The growth of online shopping is fantastic, and it will not slow down any time soon. Which is good news for you!!!! The reason for choosing online shopping could vary from convenience to competitive prices. In addition to that, your online experience should match in-person shopping experiences. Now, you’ll quickly find more details and product descriptions in comfort, no matter where you are. This includes advancements such as the 360-degree product views, customer ratings, ability to compare products, and even model size details for online clothing stores.

We understand that it can be hard to find a shopping experience that stands out with the growing competition. That’s why our focus starts with providing your small business with the tools to focus on your shopping experiences. 

No two customers shopping online have the same path to purchase. Yet we see many global online shopping sites force everyone to follow the same path no matter who you are or what you are buying. What makes matters worse is that many solutions either have subpar mobile offerings or mobile experiences different from the online experience. This, at times, can make your experience frustrating. 

OutpostLE recognizes that when shopping online there are both synergies and differences with every shopping experience. First, our solution empowers the small business to leverage a uniform style, look, and feel consistent with today’s shopping experiences. The Customer is open to exploring as many categories, brands, and products as possible. Second, we provide those same Vendors the ability to tailor their online stores so that the experience delivered fits their products and offerings. This combination is truly what makes your experience as the Customer as personal as possible. 

So how does the Payment (checkout) & Shipping process work? 

  • Our solution offers a secure and easy checkout experience. 
  •  Payments are all made directly to each small business without requiring you to checkout individually from each store. 
  •  Standard payment solutions are offered from eWallets to credit and debit cards. 
  •  Unlike other online shopping sites, your shipments come directly from your small business, no third party drop shippers are involved. Knowing your purchase is coming from your local Vendors drastically reduces shipping costs and time to delivery. 

We believe in overall transparency to the Customer. Shopping locally with a cost-friendly model and expedited delivery times could not be any more important in today’s online shopping world. 

Service CustomersShop Local on OutpostLE Who We Are

We cannot and should not overlook the "Services" industry. This business sector is equally as important and is growing at a similarly fast pace in support of our local economies. Customers have never been in more demand to leverage local services from traditional cleaning and home repairs to healthcare, legal, and health and wellness, to name a few. 

To date, customers have had to navigate multiple sites depending on if they wanted to purchase an item from a retailer verse looking to obtain a service. OutpostLE brings both worlds together in a single marketplace. Now, you'll quickly find a variety of local businesses offering a variety of services. You can browse your small business's website directly from the marketplace, see reviews on services, and even see sales on services or discounts. Customers will have a one-stop-shop experience with an ability to navigate from retailers to those businesses offering services. This overall convenience in today's fast-paced world is a must. 

If you feel you have a question that is not answered here please "Contact Us"   and we will reply back as soon as possible! 

Thank You,
Your OutpostLE Support Team