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Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react; it can modify the messages the body sends to the mind, too.

Through hypnosis and a variety of widely respected professional techniques and tools, I help release clients from the patterns holding them back. 

I would love to help you facilitate change and become a happier you.

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Claudia Rickard The English Hypnotist

I love helping people break through whatever it is that is preventing them from moving forward in their lives. I am an Emotional Intelligence Specialist and Nightingale Memory Consultant, using Hypnosis, Havening Techniques®, the BLAST Technique® and NLP to help people improve their quality of life. I am here for you whenever you are ready! 

~ Claudia Rickard


There’s no need to feel nervous about hypnosis. You may not realize it, but you’re in a type of hypnosis anytime you’re fully focused on an activity. If you’ve ever:

~ Arrived at your destination and barely remember driving there.

~ cried or cheered with film characters.

~ or lost track of minutes or hours while playing a sport or involved in a project.

… then you’ve experienced a taste of hypnosis. 

Watch the video to try a little self-hypnosis now.


Hypnotism is being in an altered state of mind. We naturally go into hypnosis when we daydream or watch television without distraction. We shut off our disbelief and use our imaginations.

There are varying degrees of hypnosis: some people go deeply, and some go lightly, most people are right in the middle. While in hypnosis one maintains control and awareness. Hypnotists are hypnotic guides who simply guide the client into the state called hypnosis and teaches the client techniques that will allow the client to use his or her natural ability to change the way he or she feels or behaves.


Havening Techniques®, otherwise known as Delta Wave Techniques, is a psychosensory procedure that uses simple touch to permanently eliminate unwanted feelings, both somatic and emotional, from distressing memories and events. 

In addition, these techniques are useful for promoting professional and personal growth. The method is derived from consistent with current neuroscience literature. 

Havening Techniques® are easy to learn, can be self-applied, is rapid, gentle and essentially without side effects.


NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming)

NeuroLinguistic Programming is an attitude with a trail of techniques and strategies. 

NLP is a unique model of how people learn, motivate themselves and change their behavior to achieve excellence in any endeavor. 

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The BLAST® Technique

The BLAST Technique® is an effective and efficient technique for significant emotional events. I am one of the few Advanced Certified Practitioners in the United States.

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for help with a wide range of issues…

Situational Stress


Sleep Improvement

Communication Problems

Sports Performance Enhancement

Past Life Regression


Weight Management

Smoking Cessation

Broken Heart

Memory Performance

Wellness in Your Life

Significant Emotional Events


Fears or Apprehensions

Pain Management


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