Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids


Discover How Much Fun A Haircut Can Be!



Why Choose Us 

Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids in Raleigh offers children a one-of-a-kind haircut experience that both parents and kids won't soon forget. Our stylists are trained in the newest styles and are comfortable cutting all children's hair...even the squirmiest little ones! Indoor playgrounds, TV's, fantasy chairs, and excellent customer service are just a few reasons why Cookie Cutters is the most kid-friendly salon in the country. Our goal is to make every child that comes to our salons as comfortable as we can while giving them a haircut that parents will be proud to show-off to family and friends!

Matt and Angela Murphy brought Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids to Raleigh so that parents and kids can discover how much fun a haircut can be! Our motto is "Fun for Kids, Stress-Free for Parents," and we strive to bring that experience to every guest, every time. We're parents, too, and we've had great haircuts and not-so-great haircuts. We get it, and we hope that your experience with Cookie Cutters will bring you back again and again.

Fun for Kids, Stress-free for Parents!