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We are a one-stop creative online shop. We offer graphic design in a couple of areas; book covers, logos, & marketing ads. We consult on how to self-publish, website design, & marketing. We sell self-published author DM Simpson books.

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  • Becca & Wesley

    Becca the only sister in the Mainwaring pack has ventured out on her own to expand the family business only to find it wasn't all it cracked up to be. Now, she longs for what every woman wants, love. In a mess of circumstances there she finds what she desires only to have it more difficult than she expected. Wesley, left at the alter, gun shy, and all in at the same time, only to have the torment of his past staring him in the face and his sister's voice nagging him in his head.

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    • $14.99
  • Christine & Daniel

    Christine makes a choice to disappear to save the lives of those she loves and the one she will meet. Daniel figures out too late he needs her, but to his families dismay he forgets her as though she never existed. However, the link is formed and unbroken no matter the memories ability. Dreams bring them together, but only one knows the reason.

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    • $11.99
  • Consulting package I

    Single consulting package - A choice of one, out of three consulting options - Self-publishing, Marketing, or Wedsite

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    • $200.00
  • Consulting package II

    Consulting package II - Choice of two options - Self-Publishing & Marketing, Self-Publishing & Website, or Marketing & Website

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    • $375.00
  • Consulting package III

    Consulting package III - Covers all three options - Self-publishing, Marketing, & Website

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    • $575.00
  • Cover Art Kindle

    Graphic design - book covers for kindles

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    • $125.00
  • Cover Art Kindle & Paperback

    Graphic design of cover for both Kindle and paperback with hook

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    • $225.00
  • Cover Art Paperback

    Graphic design of cover for paperback book with hook

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    • $175.00
  • Lyric & Michael

    Follow Lyric through her journey to find herself, only to have fate step in and send her on a path she never expected. Finding the one thing she never thought possible and trying to keep it at a distance out of stubborness. Discoveringt a side to herself she never knew existed, learning how to control and harness it.

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    • $10.99
  • Pensar√©

    Alexa feels something is off, but is it just her writer's mind playing tricks on her or has her life forever changed? This can't be real, she is a writer not a murder! The peices don't fit, but here she is fighting for her life as her manuscript is being used against her.

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    • $9.99
  • Reflections of Time

    Following her dream of law enforcement, and the death of her father has brought to light the deseption that clouds her past and who she really is. She is now starting to understand why her father's behavior was not just the actions of an over protective parent, it was to keep her from discovering the lie that was her life.

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    • $14.99