Help / Setup Information

Small Business Registration Steps

If you do not have a small business membership, click here to fill out the Small Business Registration Form.

Upon form completion, you will receive an initial acknowledgment email stating we have received your request to be a Small Business on OutpostLE. Within 24hrs you will receive communication back that your request has been approved. You will need to follow the link in the email to verify your membership. Once complete, you will be all ready to begin building out your storefront and adding products.!!!

Critical Areas to Be Aware of

  1. Are you selling products?  Make sure you follow the instructions to setup your stripe account if you plan to sell products from OutpostLE.
  2. Verify your Vendor information / Details are setup.
  3. Uploading IMAGES and VIDEOS: *Please note when uploading an image or video, please ensure your file's name has no spaces or special characters in it; otherwise, your image will not upload. *Please note that videos should be kept under 2MB to ensure proper uploading and viewing.

How To Videos & Guides


OutpostLE has built and will continue to build "How to Videos" to help you in your setup and ongoing use of the site.  Please click here to access our YouTube channel.


OutpostLE is built and developed on top of x-cart e-commerce platform. All documentation has been provided by x-cart and is located here: How to Guides

Top Guides:

Product Guides

Product Classes & Attributes

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