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JT Hauling and Removal LLC

JT Hauling & Removal

My name is Jake Tipton, and I have been working on Property Maintenance and Equipment for most of my life.  

We want to help you with your dumpster rentals, deliveries and hauling needs for a reasonable price with friendly/quality service.  


Dumpster Rentals

Large Deliveries (mulch, furniture, lumber and other items too large for a pickup)

Trailer loading assistance

Brush Removal w/Skid Steer as well as a wood chipper/Tiller

General Labor

Why Rent our Dumpsters?:

Garage/Attic Cleanouts

Junk Removal



Yard Cleanup

Storm Debris removal


Dumpster Rental Details:

Driveway friendly 15 cubic yard dumpster that you can fill on your schedule

Fits approx. 6 pickup truck loads in the 15 cubic yard box

Available for Residential, Business and Contractors


Dumpster Rental - $300 for 2 days and up to 2 tons/15 yards of material

General Skid/Steer work - $100 per hour

Rotary Moving - $125 per hour

Tractor - $75 per hour (53hp tractor with a loader and implement)

Other Equipment is variable depending on the job

General Labor - Contact for a quote

For more information or a custom quote: 

Call 919-244-1261


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