Small Business - Getting Started

Small Business Getting Started

The below covers some basic setup steps for setting up your small business site and products.

  1. Are you selling products?  Make sure you follow the instructions to setup your stripe account if you plan to sell products from OutpostLE.
    • After logging in to your vendor admin page {} you should navigate to the Financial Setup Section;Shop Local Sell Local Small Business on OutpostLE
    • Once there you will see the following;Shop Local Sell Local Small Business on OutpostLE
    • You will scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the following;Shop Local Sell Local Small Business on OutpostLE
    • Select "Get a Strip Account".  If you follow this process and  the steps you will assigned a merchant stripe account that will be linked to the OutpostLE admin Stripe Account.  This linking will allow us at OutpostLE  to process your CC transactions quickly and efficiently.

  2. Verify your small business information / Details are setup.

  3. When adding products:
    • Product Available:
      • If you want to add products but are not ready to make them available -- mark them as NOT FOR SALE.
    • Product Price:
      • If you do not want a product to have its price displayed, you can select the CALL FOR PRICE button, which will have the words "Call for price!" with your store's phone number in the product's price section.
    • Is this product a SERVICE:
      • If you are a Service based vendor or would like to mark a product as a SERVICE, you can select the IS SERVICE button on the product setup page. This setting will have the customer redirected to your store page when choosing this product instead of pulling up a product details page.

  4. Images & Videos
    • Uploading IMAGES and VIDEOS: *Please note when uploading an image or video, please ensure your file's name has no spaces or special characters in it; otherwise, your image will not upload. *Please note that videos should be kept under 2MB to ensure proper uploading and viewing.