Small Business Pricing

This section outlines our "Premium Small Business Membership" and "Basic Small Business Membership" plans.

There are two membership plans to choose from in the "Premium Small Business Membership" category: Preferred Yearly, and Preferred Monthly.  If you want to sell items on the marketplace, or if you are in the Service or Hospitality industry and are looking to enhance your marketing footprint, then this membership is an amazing option. You will receive a sub-domain website, unlimited categories that fit your business's needs, unlimited product upload such as tangible items you sell, services you provide, menu you offer, and so on! Your business can be shown upwards of seven different times throughout the website for maximum exposure. You will also have added benefits in the directory that you will not get as a basic member. 

Our "Basic Membership" category offers access to the directory only. You will be able to upload your logo, company address, and website, but will not have access to additional benefits that you would get with a premium membership.

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Membership Plans

* Basic Membership is $5.00 a month and includes the small business directory only.

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