Business Owners,

January 16th opens to everyone and is seat specific—ONE vendor under each MLM name and specialty, and TWO vendors/small businesses in each category. Leslie and I will list the names of each company or industry below that are FULL. Please look at the list BEFORE you sign up. If the list is not updated when you sign up and your industry is taken, we will notify you of the error.


✅ Only TWO per industry. ONE mlm and same kind specialty service like henna, so do not dilly doddle! 
✅ Must take all forms of payment at your booth!
✅ No Refunds!
✅ Bring your own 6-foot table and chair.
✅ Space is approx. 8x8.
✅ Check registration site BEFORE you pay to ensure your business hasn't been taken.
✅ Must have something fun at your booth to draw people in.


💻 January 8th-15th, Members of OutpostLE.com and Positively Apex, along with non-profits registration is $40.00. 

💻 January 16th-31st, Early Bird Public Registration, $50.00.

💻 February 1st-March 15th, Public Registration, $60.00. 

🍎 Additional Fee: Must bring non-perishable food items for the food drive.


🚨 Link is active. 
🤓 Please read all info and taken industries BEFORE you purchase your space. 
⏬ Scroll all the way to the bottom for your correct booth 'product' registration. If you do not see it...
➡️ Member Registration will be open midnight on Jan. 8th.
➡️ Early Bird Registration will be open midnight on Jan. 16th.
➡️ Registration Switches to $60 on Feb. 1st

You will receive a lot of communications and what to expect information. Please reach out with any questions. Leslie Lockheart, Positively Apex, positivelyapex@gmail.com. Sara Potter, Fibonacci Solutions, Inc / OutpostLE.com, Sfallon@fibonaccisolutions.com

Thank you,

Sara Fallon Potter

 TAKEN Businesses or Industries. Do NOT sign up if your business or industry is listed.


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